I have a ported dual 10 inch subwoofer box custom made to fit 1993-2002 f body Camaros. It is really nice made out of the good grade thick wood coverd with carpet it fits perfect down in the hatch area I bought it from a website the guy builds the boxes to fit perfect for the car it looks really clean and sharp the way it sits in the car. I donít have the Camaro anymore I think I payed about 275 to 300 for it brand new. Itís still in great shape I was really happy with the way it sounded and even more the way it looked in the car it sits in there perfect like it came from the factory like that. I had two cheap kicker cvr 10s in it and Iíll tell you what it was surprising you could feel the air flowing like crazy and feel the thump in your chest when bass was turned up Iím looking to get 90$ for it call or text anytime 239 634 1960. The box sits just like the pic I uploaded of the box sitting in the car but that is not my box, my box is ported.
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