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    that's kinda low numbers for a stock 6-Speed car.

    And NEVER NEVER run those junk plugs. put some Delcos or NGK's in it.

    and not launchin solid or hard shifting, you will have bad et's and mph.
    '95 T/A Conv., Green, Tan Top
    '00 T/A Silver
    '86 Chevy RCSB 4WD (LS1 to go in)


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      Just as a point of referance, my now deceased 97 WS6 would cut consistant 2.05 60' times with crappy street radials. On the track with drag radials, 1.9x was pretty easy. That was with a stock converter, stock transmission and 3.23 gears. When I moved to 3.73s and had the trans done, 1.9-2.0 on street radials was commonplace. Much of that was learning how to drive it, too much throttle and it would spin and go nowhere. using the performance computer was extremely beneficial in learning how to make the car hook.