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New Rideeeeeee! #1008!!!

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  • New Rideeeeeee! #1008!!!

    Well I did it!

    Graduated from college last month with my bachelor's of education and did the first thing I told myself my freshman year: "If you make it out of here with a teaching degree (very hard here in PA) you're gonna reward yourself with a nice car".


    2002 SLP Firehawk #1008.
    55K miles.
    Has every option except the Koni Shocks. It has the Billstien shock option instead. The first time driving a manual and I took it on a 350 mile trip. I did pretty well with it. The car is stock from SLP (if you can call it that). The previous owner added subframes and a strut tower bar. He also installed an Apline head unit, speakers, and sub. The pics make the car look dirty and it is. I haven't washed or cleaned any part of the car. I got home at 10 last night and was at work by 8 this morning so the car has seen better days!

    I love this car, hands down. I sold the V6 to my sister's boyfriend. He will be picking it up this week.

    1 <3 The LS1.
    Oh! and I forgot I bought the car from an LS1tech.com classified. I am the 3rd owner.


    2002 Firehawk Sold

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    I always liked the Firehawk hood better than the 98 and later WS6.


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      You lucky dog. Now take super good care of it. You know I like the color but do not now why. Let me think on this.


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        Congrats on the degree and the car. That's a beauty to behold.
        Tracy, 97 Formula, pretty much stock.


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          Congrats, another hawk owner on the board . Took me 6 years to get my BS (Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics)

          almost 7 years with my 2002 #0035 come this august. One time ride as a passenger in your hawk, you'll be surprised how many looks it will get
          Rhode Island Red *Lurker since 1997*

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          Ordered: May 1, 2001 Built: June 1, 2001 Delivered August 25, 2001
          pics and info


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            Congrats on both the car and graduation!

            You worked hard and deserve it.

            It's nice to see someone on these forums sell their former f-body for another one, unlike some people.

            Oh... Wait a second...
            SOLD: 2002 Trans Am WS.6 - Black on Black - 6 Speed
            SLP Loudmouth Exhaust
            17K Miles

            2005 Acura TL - Silver on Black
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              Huge congrads man!!! That is a beautiful Hawk. The degree is cool too, I guess.
              Greg W. in West Michigan
              1992 Formula WS6-A/R Rims, Stock L05 swap, Former Abuse Victim
              1983 Z28-Parts car- *Sold*
              1984 Z28-305 HO Auto *Sold*
              1986 Camaro-V-6 5Spd *Sold*
              1984 Camaro-V-6 Auto *Sold*
              <Motor out


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                I can't see the pics. I think it's cause they banned Photobucket were I work. BAhr!

                1998 Firebird 5-speed
                2005 Pontiac Sunfire 4-door 5-speed


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                  I love the car! Even though PA requires many forms to make it legal from an out of state location. It gets many, many looks. I work at a country club during the summer as a tennis instructor and it turns many heads among the members.
                  This really is the perfect car and I am glad I waited for it!

                  Time to change the sig!

                  2002 Firehawk Sold


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                    Congrats on both.. The car looks great.
                    2005 GTO (mine) K&N CAI and Magnaflow exhaust, drilled and slotted rotors, and other minor mods.
                    1994 Formula (mine) SOLD 6-23-08 Still miss it
                    2002 V6 Firebird (wifes)
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                    2011 Cadillac CTS4 (wifes)


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                      Is a firm clutch a good thing?

                      2002 Firehawk Sold


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                        I like the wheels too. You know you got a car that looks a lot like mine. Ok for A young kid you have good taste. But for the down side with that car. You always have young girls asking can I ride in it. An than me being the nice guy I an I say is your mother single .


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                          Sweet ride dude

                          Planning any mods, or you keeping it stock?
                          2006 Saturn Ion Redline
                          2003 Mits. Eclipse Spyder


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                            Whoa! That Hawk is RIGHT! Gorgeous...congrats.

                            Christopher Teng

                            1999 A4 3.73's Auburn LSD Whisper Lid K&N Pacesetter Headers/Y-pipe
                            Magnaflow Cat & Catback MSD Coils/Wires Bosch +4 Plugs EGR Bypass
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                              CONGRATS!!! that thang looks showroom clean to me!

                              1997 Pontiac Firerbird Formula LT1/T56
                              2006 Pontiac G6 GTP, 3.9L V6, 6-spd