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Been a long time..... - F-Body.com CAMARO / FIREBIRD Forum


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Been a long time.....

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    Wow it looks like you did some garage cleaning :-)
    97 Trans Am A4 more or less stock (Mods: WS6 Ram Air with Fernco & K&N, 12 disc CD changer, power antenna, SLP Fan Switch, LS1 Aluminum DS, Borla Cat back, McCord power plate, Spohn tower brace, Sirius, HID fog lights)

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      These pics always cracks me up.

      96 TA Sold!
      87 TA Sold!
      80 Z28 Sold!
      74 Formula Sold!
      73 Z28 Sold!
      69 Camaro Not Sold!


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        I am still here and have both of my T/As. The '79 sits in the garage collecting dust, and the '97 sits outside next to the garage. I live at 9,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies so I don't have much use for them anymore. I am pulling out the '97 this spring, repainting the front, clutch, and misc. maintenance and probably selling it. I am more into trail riding, rock crawling, and shooting now. This site was such a huge wealth of info., and really a great community. I thought I would stop back and see if it was still here.
        '77 K5 rock-crawler project
        '79 T/A: WS6, 400 4sp, 40K miles; Completely stock and original
        '87 Lifted 3/4 ton Suburban (Big Blue) plow truck
        '94 Roadmaster Wagon (The Roadmonster) 200,000 miles and still going
        '97 T/A: (SLP 1LE Suspension, SB, & sfc(s), Loudmouth); 4.10s; B&M Ripper; R/A Hood; ZR1s
        My daily drivers: '06 Jeep Liberty CRD (wife); '01 Yukon Denali XL (me); '03 Stratus Coupe (me)

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          I was there in the early days of this board. You are one of the few that I remember. You were always very helpful and willing to share your knowledge.

          I still have my 95 TA. It's pretty much stock with the original motor and trans. I drove it regularly up until a couple years ago. It's in the shop right now getting some AC work and try to figure out why it runs hotter now than it used to.

          I will probably be visiting here more often as I want to get it in good running condition and upgrade some areas that have been neglected over the years.


          PS - This isn't my original user name. I can't remember what it was so I had to register again. lol


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            Sorry for the double post.


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              Glad to see people are still around. I sold my Trans Am to pay for school, but I'll probably be back. I graduate from radiography school in 7 weeks, so once I get a job I think I might pick up a third gen.
              Red 95 Trans Am: M6, Moroso CAI, Magnaflow, Spohn sway bars, back to life as of 2/15/10!!!
              SOLD- Kinda miss it
              94 Del Sol VTEC: 27 city/ 33 highway, knee deep in slowness
              SOLD- Good riddance!
              2006 Ford Fusion: 2.3, 5 speed, could run 15lbs of boost with a 150 shot and it'd still be slow


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                Hey guys, it has been at least three or four years. I sold the 'Hawk, sold the FX4, and bought....a jetta! I love it! I bought a house near baltimore-ish and am teaching here. It's been forever. You all are great. I can't wait to see my signature after this posts, I haven't seen it in years!

                2002 Firehawk Sold


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                  Jesus christ. It's been too long. This was the first internet message board I had ever belonged to. You guys saved my ass during the blown head gasket on my 94 3.4 V6.

                  2002 Firehawk Sold


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                    it still exists?!

                    Well, i was excited to see this board was still around....then let down when i realized its dead.. miss this place! still have my 92 formy.. not worth selling at this point.
                    Greg W. in West Michigan
                    1992 Formula WS6-A/R Rims, Stock L05 swap, Former Abuse Victim
                    1983 Z28-Parts car- *Sold*
                    1984 Z28-305 HO Auto *Sold*
                    1986 Camaro-V-6 5Spd *Sold*
                    1984 Camaro-V-6 Auto *Sold*
                    <Motor out


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                      I stopped in just to look around, haven't been on here in a few years. I was on here back in 1998 when we all met down at the Fbody gathering in Atlanta Georgia, went to the drag strip in a huge line of cars it was a lot of fun. There were 100s of us. We all parked in that one hotel parking garage. That was 17 years ago! hah

                      I still have my 97TA, 64,000 miles, only put on may be 500 miles a year, or less on it now.