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Any way to make the driver's seat go back farther?

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  • Any way to make the driver's seat go back farther?

    On my 2000 Trans-Am.

    I'm hearing it's possible that the Camaro seats went back further than the Pontiac seats?

    I have the power seat tray.

    I wondering if there's a way to use some Camaro parts that would bolt up to the Pontiac seat?

    Or some kind of racing bracket or other brackets?

    Is there just four studs in the floor pan that just stick straight up?

    I was looking at a set of brackets JEGS sells it's just four little separate brackets. You bolt one to each of the holes on the seats and then nut them down to the studs. There's a threaded hole on each of the brackets to use with an included bolt, and then non-threaded holes that go through the seat studs. These work for some cars that have relatively flat floor pans with four studs that stick straight up, but certainly not all cars.

    Has anyone done this mod to know what would work?

    Thank You!