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Rear Wheel Bearing or Rear End Issue?

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  • Rear Wheel Bearing or Rear End Issue?

    Hello everyone I have a bit of an issue that I haven't dealt with before or could I find on Google. I bought a 99 Camaro a while back and put a lot of money in it getting it back on the road. Its my DD and I need it as my job relies on me driving her. So here is my issue:

    I changed the rear wheel bearings due to a noise in the rear about a week after getting it on the road.
    After about a few weeks I had to redo them as the noise returned and I thought maybe I didn't get them in straight or all the way. A few weeks later the noise has reappeared. I packed them with grease and I am at a loss on whats causing the noise in the rear end. I noticed when I changed the bearings that there was a low of 75-90w in the axle tubes around the bearings. Is there supposed to be seals in the rear end that keep the fluid from going that far?

    I have to adjust my rear parking brakes but this sounds more like a bearing noise or maybe even something in the rear end. It sounds a bit like a roar but not as bad as I've heard in other cars with wheel bearing issues. I just want to figure out what this noise is and to fix it. It sounds like tire/wheel noise which is what keeps leading me back to the bearings.

    Sorry if I rambled a bit or if some of my post is unclear in anyway. I'm trying to word it the best I can. Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Hello Mike, I am not sure where the bearing noise your getting is actually from. These cars sometimes get rear end noise from the gears in the rear end. Sometimes it is how the pinion gear is set up with propper crush sleeve and or spacers for correct mesh with ring gear. The axle bearings are lubricated with the same gear oil, the seals are on the outside of the bearings.You may be able to narrow the search for where the noise is coming by putting on jackstands and rotate tire by hand, best with help so you can get under for a close listen...Just a cou[le ideas to check on, good luck hope you can get it straightened out.
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