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Ď85 trans am L69 Borg & Warner T5 clutch issues

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  • Ď85 trans am L69 Borg & Warner T5 clutch issues

    Im having some hair pulling issues here with this new clutch I just got. Let me start off by saying it would go into gear with the old clutch and pressure plate I would just have to double clutch. After putting the new luk brand clutch in I was kind of shocked that it wouldnít go into gear while the engine was running. We put it in gear with the engine off and bumped the key and the car jumped forward so everything was good with that and it shifts fine with the engine off, clutch depressed or not. Found out that the guy who put it in just impacted it on smh so we dropped the transmission again to torque it to what I thought was spec (25ft-lbís) unfortunately after we put the trans back in I found it to be 15-24ft-lbís. I didnít think 1ft-lb would force the pressure plate open but just to be safe we dropped the transmission again and torqued it to 15ft-lbís and sure enough it didnít do crap. Same issue it just wonít go into gear. I talk to a few buddies of mine who are mechanics and they say replace the master and slave cylinder for the clutch. Did that and bled the system with a mighty vac and still nothing. Now Iíve got the transmission out AGAIN because I said screw it ive pulled it this many times might as well pull it again and get another clutch, maybe it was faulty or I ordered the wrong one but the clutch slides right on the input shaft perfectly so same spline count and same design as the old one. Iím stumped can anyone help??