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Fauly ignition switch? Or perhaps more... - F-Body.com CAMARO / FIREBIRD Forum


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Fauly ignition switch? Or perhaps more...

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  • Fauly ignition switch? Or perhaps more...

    My car,,84 Z28, white on blue, T-tops, and pretty much stock other than the paint and stereo. Yesterday I discovered my key will not turn the ignition cylinder back to the lock position. Appears to stay in the 'on' or 'run' position. Comes out readily from there, and the car starts as it should, then runs and drives normally. The power is off when the key is removed, and the warning buzzer sounds when the key is inserted. Shifter is fully in park (the car won't move) and the shifter works properly.
    is this possibly due to a mechanical issue, or a lock cylinder issue? Oh, I only have the one key if that's the issue.
    Thanks for any input