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02 Camaro v6 problem...

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  • 02 Camaro v6 problem...

    So about 2 weeks ago my camaro started to idle at around 1200 rpms (usually 750) and service engine light came on. It was a cylinder 3 misfire. My car wont go go above 3000 rpm's and it rarely gets over 40 mph. It also doesnt shift very well anymore, I have to barely press on the gas or floor it for it no to sputter and it wont shift unless I get it to 3000rpms and let off the throttle. I changed all 6 sparks and just replaced my 3 and 6 coil pack. I still am running into the issue of it not getting above 3000 rpm's and 40 mph and I am puzzled at what the problem is since im 17 and dont have that much knowledge mechanically. Any help/ suggestions are much appreciated thank you!