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1993 Firebird Formula Lt1. 700R4 troubles. - F-Body.com CAMARO / FIREBIRD Forum


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1993 Firebird Formula Lt1. 700R4 troubles.

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  • 1993 Firebird Formula Lt1. 700R4 troubles.

    Will be posting and updating status on my 700r4 situation. Seen a lot of debate on various issues/solutions. Would like to document for the purpose of saving some other random guy countless hours online.

    Stored in winter. I bought in spring. Babied it on account of slip in 3rd. (Infamous 3-4 pack going) first time I truly punched it to pass someone, maxed in rpms, drove a couple miles. Stopped at a stop sign. Drove fine for the next two miles, parked. After I started would not leave 1st. Wouldnít manually shift either. No noises when the incident happened or after.

    2 years later, adjusted T.V. cable. Noticed slight bend in kickdown cable near throttle body. Worn looking I guess. Idk how tight throttle or kickdown cable should be normally so no reference point, not much info online (always refers back to T.V.). Iíve read if the geometry is off it will affect shifting? Didnít know how much if any the throttle and kickdown cable had to do with that. After messing with T.V cable I drove and it went to second (high rpms and around 22mph).

    And thatís where we are. Iím going to assess the T.V cable further, To see if it could need new cable or T.V. valve stuck? Will be pulling out the governor shortly to assess nylon gear and the butterfly mounts or whatever they are called. First time messing with trans so any help would be appreciated. Anyone familiar with the geometry aspect of the the throttle body off would be Greatly appreciated. Iím not a mechanic but I understand since itís not electronic, messing with the Tb in general can throw off shifts and or ravage your transmission. Will do my best to document with pics/vid the trouble shooting process. And good luck to the other 93 f bodyís with the 700r4.