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My 1st gm v8

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  • My 1st gm v8

    I come from owning ford 4.6s sohc and dohc.
    I like the fords better as far as handling and comfort but I have to hand it to the chevy for the haul ass factor..
    I have a 97 z28 anv package.
    only has a little exhaust work and I think a tune as it has no speed limiter . at least not be for 150 as I barried the needle with ease .
    it has gears. I also put on rims from a g8 and to clear up a debate . they are 5x120 and fit perfect . even the hub.
    I finally hunted down a front dash pad too that can actually bend and not shatter or even crack.
    I put on a composite maf housing , will combine an eBay intake with the summit elbow and an airfoil very soon. I will do long tube headers and some muffler back there .
    I also plan on a tuner or tuner .
    now my ? Is if if I long tubes and delete cats and emissions off them I know it will throw a code but will it effect driveability in a negative way ??? I do plan on a tune just last thing I do So I will drive it awhile if I can and add more stuff bolt on wise.
    I also have a set of 5th gen 21inch dealer option rims with3 brand new tires , Pirelli zr 275 rear and 235 front..I don't know if I will run them as I like my ones on the car better and I still have a set of 16 s that came on the car .
    the ones it has on it are the silver spoke ones.
    I will probably just sell or trade the 21s and 16s
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    09-21-2018 08:00 PM