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    Okay, i can hear the laughter even with my speakers off. I have a problem. Yes the 4cyl that currently resides in my wife's 84 firebird is it. Ok i have 2 problems my wife loves it. Car has 112k on it no rust has been sitting for the last 10 years. I figured it was time to scrap her (car) not wife. I could clear out garage. My wife agreed to scrap it but i made a mistake. I put fresh gas in it and started it up. She's now wanting to restore it. Body and interior no issues. putting new brake kit on it. The only thing is the front pipe coming off manifold has rusted out and needs to be replaced. Any idea where to find one or make one. Nobody carries 4cyl parts. Would love to upgrade motor but she's had this car for years 2nd owner and loves her Dukie. Cant wait for the suggestions